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Words & Ideas Can Change the World


About Me

Hi, I'm Mandy and I have an insatiable love for words, storytelling, travelling, instapoetry and digital marketing. 


At a tender age when I discovered my passion for the English language, it led me to my writing career. 


Live Inspired

This is my blog section dedicated to living an inspired life. 

Did it happen if it isn't on social?


Wendy Levendall, Marketing Manager, Springbok Atlas Tours & Safaris

“The best thing about Mandy is her honest and direct nature. Her constructive feedback and opinion are really refreshing when it comes to any form of writing. Her work ethic is flawless. If you need a writer of superior calibre, look no further."

Lily Hattingh, Owner, Mojo Media Agency

"Working with Mandy was an absolute pleasure. She was always friendly and willing to accommodate us with our tight deadlines. Mandy did a fantastic job writing product descriptions for our premium client's brands, along with extensive brand copy for their newsletters. Everything was delivered very efficiently. I'll definitely be using her again!"

Peter-John Mitrovich, CEO, Grosvenor Tours

"The best celebration of our humanity is if we are so fortunate to find joy in what we do. Amanda’s celebration is her ability to create with, and inspire through words, sentenced to an order in each paragraph that leaves you wanting to read on, read more, be inspired."